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I think she’s special. She doesn’t need anyone. Like that’s the thing. Even if we were together, she wouldn’t really belong to me. She doesn’t belong to anything. She’s off in her own world… Childish Gambino  (via vvoollim)

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A loyal freak is the best person to be with… (via southerngirlk)

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The first lesson of adulthood is that confidence gets you further than kindness.

The second lesson of adulthood, is knowing this and choosing to put kindness first anyway.

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Why are you sad?”
“Because you speak to me in words, and I look at you with feelings.
Anna Karina (Pierrot Le Fou)

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Fall in love with someone who’s comfortable with your silence. Find someone who doesn’t need your words to know it’s time to kiss you. Clairabelle Ann (via stevenbong)

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And if you are awake at four AM, you are either in love or lonely, and I don’t know which one is worse. (via matinmelancolie)

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when a girl changes her clothes in front of you, she’s either really interested or you’re level 99 friend-zoned

The second tho haha

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